The Ultimate Fullblood Wagyu Hot Pot Kit
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    Sukiyaki Shabu Shabu

    Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki are a Japanese hot pot dishes cooked like a soup with sliced meat and vegetables. Fresh, raw ingredients are assembled at the table, then submerged briefly in broth by each diner. Cook the thin Wagyu Beef slices individually rather than all at once, enjoying it over the course of the meal much like a fondue. After removing the beef from the pot, dip into your chosen sauce. The onomatopoeic name refers to the ‘swish, swish’ sound the meat makes as it is swished around in the broth with chopsticks. 

    We have expertly sliced Fullblood Wagyu Beef Bolar Blade Marbling Score 9 +. This unsung hero of the beef world has a wonderful deep meaty flavour.

    Each Kit contains over 3kg of total product:


    1kg of thinly sliced Fullblood Wagyu Beef Bolar Blade Marbling Score 9+

    Fresh Vegetables:

    Chinese Cabbage, Endive, Shallots, Carrot, Enoki Mushroom, Shimeji Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Edamame Soy Bean


    Tofu, Shirataki Noodle, Udon Noddle, Dashi Powder for broth (2 x 10g)

    Choice of Sauce:

    Sukiyaki Sauce - a seasoned soy sauce containing sweet rice wine, koji, dried bonito & sugar


    Goma Dare (Shabu Shabu) Sauce - a creamy, nutty sauce made from sesame seeds, vinegar, egg, soy sauce & sugar 

    Feeds 4 people.

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