Southern Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi Grade 160 - 180g x 1 Piece
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    Caught in the cold southern waters of Ulludualla, on the South Coast of New South Wales. This fish is in peak condition and it clearly shows. 

    The Southern Yellowfin Tuna is targeted and caught in NSW waters and the catch and methods are strictly monitored by the AFMA to ensure that the fishery is managed appropriately and sustainably.

    Each piece of this incredible fish is cut to order each day, cut dry without the use of Freshwater which dilutes the flavour of fish, and is hand selected by Martin's Seafood.

    This is a beautifully textured 'meaty' fish perfect for strong bold flavours. Southern Yellowfin Tuna will soar when cooked medium rare and placed alongside a fresh crisp salad, vegetables and some acidity. 

    Grill this fish simply either in a pan or on the BBQ. This superb tuna can be also eaten raw sashimi style.

    Each piece feeds 1 person.

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