Fullblood Wagyu Conical Braising Beef Marbling Score 9 + Stone Axe - 500g
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    This Fullblood Wagyu Conical Muscle is hidden within the heel muscle, located between the shin, topside and silverside. It is an incredibly tender, juicy, and meaty cut when braised.

    This is the perfect cut to braise for a long time; it has tons of fatty sinew, so it will get that rich, decadent, gelatinous consistency. This is oxtail 2.0.

    This cut will deliver a big punch of beefy flavour whilst maintaining its shape and steak-like mouthfeel. 

    This is the ULTIMATE cut to use in your next Massaman Curry, Beef Bourguignon, Hungarian Goulash or pot roast. 

    We have cut this beef extra chunky to ensure you get the perfect beef texture once cooked. This will be the most incredible braised meat you will ever eat - no matter what flavours you choose to put alongside it.

    For best results, brown the meat for 4-5 minutes and cook low and slow until tender & juicy.  The Conical cut will require a longer cook time.  We suggest a minimum of 3 hours to achieve optimal unctuous goodness. 

    This amount of product will feed 3 people comfortably.

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