Fullblood Wagyu Petite Tender Roast (Teres Major) Marbling Score 9+ 1 Piece
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    In our continued pursuit to explore the lesser-known beef cuts, we present to you the Petite Tender - also referred to as Teres Major.

    You may have already read about (and even sampled) our other incredible ‘rare’ steaks such as the Flat Iron, Velvet and the Tri Tip, but the Petite Tender is unquestionably the least known anatomical muscle of all.

    The Petite Tender, as the name suggests, is an extremely tender nugget of meat located within the Shoulder Blade or Clod. It requires an incredible amount of skill to separate the conjoined muscles to reveal the gem that is the Petite Tender. That level of skill and detail is why you will rarely ever see this cut available for sale.

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    This piece will feed 2 people.

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