Beef Scotch Fillet Steak Grass Fed Angus Premium O’Connor - 300g
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    Regarded by many in the industry and the wider food community as being the best pasture-fed beef in the country. The O'Connor family owned and run business represents the absolute pinnacle of pasture-fed beef.

    Cattle are hand selected by the O'Connor family from a small and elite group of farmers across east and west Gippsland in Victoria. This region boasts the best conditions for raising grass-fed cattle. It's at certain times of the year when cattle are at their best and for grass-fed cattle, that time is the few months leading into winter.

    O'Connor premium is the highest grade for cattle from this plant. Cattle are generally older than most pasture-fed cattle which allows them more time to feed and lay down the intramuscular marbling that O'Connor Premium beef is famous for and the depth of flavour and long-lasting palate that only pasture-fed beef can offer. 

    These steaks are perfectly portioned for the grill.


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