Pork Belly 'Porchetta' Hand Tied
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    Many regions in Italy lay claim to being the birthplace of Porchetta, whilst it's hard to pinpoint its exact origin, it's safe to say it's Italy's most iconic roast pork dish. 

    Pork Belly is the height of pork indulgence, and conveys the true taste and flavour of pork. Our version uses the very best free-range pork belly hand-tied, and stuffed with white pepper, garlic, oregano & fennel.

    For the perfect crackling every time remove the Porchetta from the fridge an hour before you would like to cook and cover with a layer of salt to remove the moisture. Dust off the excess salt and bake until you have perfect bubbling crackling. 

    1.5kg feeds 5 -6 people

    3.0kg feeds 8 -12 people

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