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    Streaky Bacon Rare Breed Kurobuta Fullblood Berkshire (100% Australian Pork)

    This will be one of the greatest pork products you will ever try. Sweet meat interlaced wi...

    Chicken Tenderloin La Ionica - 500g

    Our La Ionica Chicken Tenderloin is processed chemical free, the tenderloin fillet is deri...

    Chicken Thigh Fillet La Ionica - 550 g

    Our La Ionica Chicken Thigh is processed chemical free, prepared beautifully and packed in...

    Double Smoked Virginia Ham - 250g Sliced

    Our take on a traditional country ham. A beautifully sweet, smoked ham ideal for sandwiche...

    Lamb Merguez Sausage Rolls 125g x 4 Pieces

    For these little beauties, our Premium Australian Lamb Mince is ground fresh, spiced with ...

    Pork Tenderloin - 1 Piece

    Our Premium Australian Pork Tenderloin is super tender with a mild flavour. The pork tende...

    Beef Sirloin 'Club Steak' British Breed Pasture Fed O'Connor - 450g

    Club Steak, also known as a bone-in sirloin, is believed to result in a more flavorful and...

    Beef Stir Fry Strips Grass Fed - 500g

    Give your wok a workout with our range of quality stir fry strips. Cut from premium O'Conn...

    Fullblood Wagyu Braising Beef Diced Marbling Score 9 + Stone Axe - 500g

    More than any other cut, the shin shank has a huge collection of collagen and sinews and,...

    Pork Loin Chops Kurobuta Fullbood Berkshire 280 g x 2 Pieces

    This exclusive Pork product is available in limited numbers only.Kurobuta Pork is one of ...

    Beef T-Bone Steak British Breed Pasture Fed O'Connor - 500g

    The much admired and iconic T-Bone consists of the tenderloin and sirloin attached togethe...

    Lamb Tenderloin - 500g

    Lamb tenderloin, also known as eye fillet, is the softest and most tender part of the lamb...
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